BEWARE of imitators and counterfeit goods!

The Woodchuck tool brand is copied and knocked off regularly, particularly on large international websites, many based in Asia. These imitators often steal the images and text from this official Woodchuck website. But their inferior products cannot imitate the performance of an authentic Woodchuck tool or generate hundreds of positive and real reviews from satisfied customers.

Only authentic Woodchuck tools are made in the USA and include our lifetime warranty. We service all our customers with a smile and respect. If you are unsure whether you purchased a authentic Woodchuck tool, call (570) 832-4110 or email us and we'll help by asking a few important questions.


$144.00 each

Log Jack / Lifter / Cant Hook / Peavey

The DualPro is one of the newest tools from Woodchuck Tool. It combines the function
of the Dual with Jack and adds the rear foot and toe lift from the Timberjack. This tool
is the everything tool from Woodchuck Tool.

  • Lifts logs from 5 to 20 inches, rolls logs up to 30 inches
  • Dual feet keep handle from digging into the ground
  • Removable front Jack with retractable Peavey Point
  • Toe lift to remove hook from log when repositioning
  • 6061-T6 aluminum and high strength steel
  • 11 pounds overall weight
  • 47 inches with Jack removed, 52 inches with the Jack attached
  • No tools required to attach Jack
  • Lifetime warranty (except hook)
  • Made in the USA

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