Important notice: Beware of counterfeit Chinese imitations!

There are currently a number of counterfeit tools selling on the larger internet websites, some are even using the Woodchuck Tool brand name and field images. Their tools look identical, but they can be spotted by either little or no reviews. These tools are inferior and do not have a lifetime warranty, or someone to call that stands by their product, while our Woodchuck Tools are entirely Made In The USA. For a list of aurthorized online retailers, please refer to the Retailers List on our Contact Us page. This practice by the Chinese are hurting lots of good companies and people in our country!

Woodchuck Dual

$114.00 each
Optional Jack

Peavey / Cant Hook

The Dual is the first peavey/cant hook combo. The peavey point retracts into the handle if you need it out of the way, it also has an optional log Jack stand that slips over the peavey point with no tools required.

  • Rolls logs up to 30 inches, lifts up to 20 inches
  • Retractable Peavey Point for staking into the ground of freeing frozen logs
  • 6061-T6 aluminum and high strength powder coated steel
  • 47 inch overall length as Peavey/Cant Hook, 52 inch with Jack attached
  • 9 pounds, 11 pounds with Jack
  • No tools required to attach Jack
  • Lifetime warranty (except hook)
  • Made in the USA

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