Important notice: Beware of counterfeit Chinese imitations!

There are currently a number of counterfeit tools selling on the larger internet websites, some are even using the Woodchuck Tool brand name and field images. Their tools look identical, but they can be spotted by either little or no reviews. These tools are inferior and do not have a lifetime warranty, or someone to call that stands by their product, while our Woodchuck Tools are entirely Made In The USA. For a list of aurthorized online retailers, please refer to the Retailers List on our Contact Us page. This practice by the Chinese are hurting lots of good companies and people in our country!


Log Jack / Lifter / Cant Hook

The TimberPro is the newest tool from Woodchuck Tool. It combines the function of the Timberjack with the function of the Dual, giving it the ability to roll and position logs as well as lift. If you want an all in one solution for logs up to 20 inches then this is it.

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Log Jack / Lifter

The Timberjack is a dedicated log lifter with the ability to roll larger logs. It features two feet design and an integrated toe lift for the hook.

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Log Jack / Lifter / Cant Hook / Peavey

The DualPro is one of the newest tools from Woodchuck Tool. It combines the function
of the Dual with Jack and adds the rear foot and toe lift from the Timberjack. This tool
is the everything tool from Woodchuck Tool.

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Woodchuck Dual

Peavey / Cant Hook

The Dual is the first peavey/cant hook combo. The peavey point retracts into the handle if you need it out of the way, it also has an optional log Jack stand that slips over the peavey point with no tools required.

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Hookeroon / Skidder

The Skidderoon is a no-compromise Pickeroon/Hookeroon with the ability to skid limbs, branches, brush or small trunks. It is an indespensible tool for tree clean up and firewood gathering, with the ability to skid limbs, branches, brush or small trunks, either by hand or motor means. The cable assembly removes in seconds.

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The Woodchuck Hookeroon is the single function sibling of the Skidderoon. It is perfect for pulling slabs off the mill or moving firewood around. It is a high quality traditional tool used in mills or firewood gathering. The finger nub grip adds grip strength while helping the user index the pick.

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